Parent Habits
Record Sheets


The following is a list of 12  powerful parent encouragement habits. These habits, combined with learning strategies and a school/home support system for learning success represents 25% of a learner's power to achieve.


Circle the number of each learning strategy that has been evaluated.  Fill in the circle when the strategy has been mastered, and record the date.


_____  1. Talk About Your Child's Hidden Abilities

_____  2. Teach How Responsibility Makes a Difference

_____  3. Talk About Your Child's Successes

_____  4. Teach the Learning Value of Mistakes

_____  5. Giving the Chance to Do It Right

_____  6. Find Your Child's Challenge Level

_____  7. Tell Your Children You Like Them

_____  8. Share Talk

_____  9. Look for Learning Opportunities & Take 60 Seconds to Teach

_____  10. Read to Your Child Daily

_____  11. Say What You See

_____  12. Model What You Want

_____  13. Help Your Child See, Feel, Hear, & Do New things

_____  14. Get in Touch with Your Child's Feelings