Personal Training and Workshop Overview:

Life/Time Achievement Motivation & Time Management



Using Mind Maps and Other Tools

to Clarify Current Motives and Goals

1.  Aladdin's Lamp: The Power of Self-Motivation, Goals, and Time Management

2.  Chains that Hold You Back

3.  Power Boosters that Can Propel You Forward

4.  Time Management Evolution: Combining a Time Planner with Self and Family Development
               To-do Lists
               To-do Lists combined with Calendar
               Connect Goals and Values with prioritized To-do Lists and Calendar
               Integrate the above with Self and Family Development

5.  The Foundation of Success: Fifteen Minutes Planning and Thinking Time

6.  Connecting with your Personal Active Learning System Sensory Register Short Term Working Space Long Term Memory

7.  Writing Your Mission Statement.  Determining Your Values & Reaching Your Goals

  1. Writing Your Mission Statement the easy way

  2. Goal Mines as Gold Mines

  3. Key Value Areas - Identifying what is important to you

  4. The Simple, but Powerful To-Do List

  5. Goal Planner Steps - Why they are so powerful

  6. Goal Planner Cards to keep every focused

  7. The Power of Positive Affirmations

  8. What You Think About Expands

  9. Making Achieving Goals Fun

  10. Achievement Awards

8.  Reaching Fulfillment in Your Roles & Relationships

  1. Roles and Relationships make up some of our greatest treasures.

  2. Listing Roles and Relationships

  3. Planning, building, and sustaining fulfilling relationships

  4. Personal Profiles

9.  Success Habit Planner

  1. Habits are your rockets to success

  2. Benjamin Franklin's Success Plan

  3. Learning Success Update of Franklin's Powerful Plan

  4. Practicing What You Want

  5. Habit Planner

10.  Projects: Getting Things Done.

  1. To-Do Lists

  2. Assignment Planners

  3. Things Needed

  4. Project Planners

11.  Using Your Program Section to Develop Unlimited Abilities (Connect Learning with Time Management

  1. Memory Squares

  2. 3-Minute Permanent Memory System

  3. Special Learning Success Programs

  4. Other Programs

  5. Your Personal Study Buddy - Recycling for Success - Making Weaknesses Your Strengths

9.      Developing Talents & Enjoying Your Interests - Knowledge IQ

  1. Experiencing the Joy of Fulfilling Our Potentialities

  2. Empowering Self and Others

  3. Three Statements Can Make a Difference

  4. The Role of Parents in Talent-Building

  5. Challenge Levels

  6. The Importance of Planning

  7. Hobbies, Talents, and Interests Log

10.   Education and Career: Increasing School Success

  1. The Family Makes the Biggest Difference

  2. Use Your Winner Regularly & Have Your Child Use His Winner Regularly

  3. Co-Planning Sessions

  4. Family Times

  5. Personal Program for School Achievement

  6. Reading, Writing, Math Game Books

  7. Career Personal Program

  8. Request the Information You Need

  9. Organizing for Success

  10. Class Planners

  11. Study Planners

  12. Win Notes

  13. Daily Study Time Plan

  14. Memory Squares

  15. Study Buddy

  16. Study Cards

  17. Games and Activities for Study Cards

  18. Project Planners

11.  Family Time Planner

  1. Each member of the family to have time management system.

  2. Personal Co-Planning for Success - Empowerment Support

  3. Family Time Planner

  4. Family Time Agenda Cards

12.   Financial Success

  1. Make Money Work for You

  2. Planning and Thinking Time

  3. Stop Money From Biting Holes Out of Your Life

  4. Get Motivated for Success

  5. Your Career/Financial Values & Goals

  6. Industry and Frugality

  7. Habit Planners

  8. Project Planners

  9. Set Up Special Financial Accounts

  10. Account Descriptions and Purposes

     Income Management Account (high interest checking)
    Golden Goose Account (high interest savings/investment)
    Monthly Spending Account (low or no cost checking)
    Periodic Spending Account (interest bearing checking)
    Dream or Specific Goal Account


  11. Money Working For You

  12. Money Working Against You

  13. Priority Matrix

  14. Monthly Spending Planner

  15. Periodic Spending Planner

  16. Financial Record